Who We Are

Proof of Concept is a luxury brand dedicated to the art of elevating the simple white tee shirt.
We take the utmost care in sourcing and creating our shirts to be the 
absolute definition of perfection and quality. All of our shirts are ethically sourced from family-run factories, made of 100% pima cotton, and are carefully hand inspected to meet the highest possible standard. We take great pride in highlighting our factories, showing our customers who puts in the time and effort to create their clothing.
We collaborate with different artists and photographers from across the United States, respecting their creative authority in the process of construction and never compromising their artistic voice. Our creatives play a vital role in our brand, and for that we give them our utmost respect.
Our mission is simple: to change the definition of a white tee shirt. We desire to create an immersive experience - a tangible moment you will remember of putting on your first Proof of Concept tee shirt.